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Hammer Cross Jump fitness-trampoline

26 mei 2021
“I'd been looking for a fun way to get fit, especially after being quarantined almost a year without having work outs.. to buy an indoor tramboline for cardio popped into my mind remembering the great experiences I had had in jumping fitness class in Amsterdam. So after a great deal of research and ordering two other trambolines and returning them; I have found my perfect match ! Hammer is a German produced tramboline and meets all of my expectations! Gentle bounce, high quality material, sturdy silent cords... and perfect amount of suspansion. The cords instead of steel springs; which is easy on joints and prevents back pain or any kind of injures caused by shorter suspansion. It is foldable! which was very very important for me. I can set it in a minute and when I am done easily fold and store back behinf of my little room, easily. Jumping circles especially provides better suspension, really. It comes with a personal code to reach video content in which two kinds of online training ; for beginners and advanced. The beginner training still was a bit heavier for me so I go for youtube to find some easier lessons, instructors and jump with :) 20 min of jumping every other day and I am very satisfied; get sweaty as hell while not having even a tiny bit of boredom! Highly Recommend. ”
Hammer Cross Jump fitness-trampoline

Salta randkussen rond

6 aug. 2021
“Onze trampoline staat al 10 jaar buiten in weer en wind. Deze rand heb ik eerder gehad en is 5 jaar meegegaan. Goede kwaliteit. Niets op aan te merken, maar na zo’n lange tijd buiten is het een keertje op. Goede service van Frank. Wij zijn tevreden! ”
Salta randkussen rond

Salta trampolineveren 10 stuks

2 sep. 2021
“Zondag besteld, maandag geleverd, supersnel + scherpe prijs. Tevreden klant dus. ”
Salta trampolineveren 10 stuks